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Cookie Statement – Pallas Athena Group BV

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In this Cookie Statement, we will clarify what cookies are, how they work and how Pallas Athena Groups uses them and for what reason.

Article 1 – What are cookies?

1.1 Cookies are text files that are sent to your browser through a server. The browser saves this text file at your device, this enables the server of the webpage to recognize your computer. A cookie cannot start any programs.
1.2 From the moment a cookie has been placed on your device, the cookie is only valid for a short period of time. When the period of validity ends, the cookie is automatically deleted. Every sort cookie has a different period of validity. If we are collecting Personal Data with cookies, we do these in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

Article 2 – Types of cookies

2.1 We are using permanent cookies, session cookies and analytical cookies.
2.2 Permanent cookies are being used to identify your computer by our site, this ensures that the site can be loaded faster on a next visit.
2.3 Session cookies are being used for easy and clear navigation on our website. Those kinds of cookies are only valid for the duration of the given session and will be removed automatically when you close your web browser.
2.4 Analytical cookies are used to track website statistics.
2.5 Third party cookies are placed on our website by parties we collaborate with, these are: Facebook and Google Analytics. These parties comply with all international privacyrules and apply an appropriate level of protection in processing Personal Data.

Article 3 – Google Analytics

3.1 The company Google puts a cookie on our website, this forms a part of their "Analytics-service". Pallas Athena Group is using this service to track the number of visitors on our website and gain insight into the way visitors are using our website. Google only provides this information with third parties if they have a statutory obligation or if third parties process this information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on the way in which Google is using this data, but no authorization to Google has been given to use the data for other services of Google.
3.2 Where possible, all information collected by Google, is anonymized. All the information collected by Google is stored on servers in the United States of America. Google meets all international privacy laws and maintains a valid protection level for the processing of possible Personal Data.

Article 4 – Social Media

4.1 Our website is equipped with Social Media sharing buttons. These buttons use bits of code that originate from the corresponding social media platform. These bits of code place cookies. We cannot control this process. In the privacy statement of for example Facebook, you can read how these companies process your Personal Data.
4.2 The information these companies process is anonymised as much as possible. The information is stored on the servers managed by the corresponding companies. These companies comply with all international privacyrules and apply an appropriate level of protection in processing Personal Data.

Article 5 – Deleting cookies

5.1 More information about activating and deactivating cookies and the removal thereof can be found in the help section of your browser.

This Cookie Statement has been amended for the last time on 7 November 2018.