Frequently Asked Questions

Will there also be courses available for the resits?
Yes, these will be posted before the start of the period in which the resit will take place.
What kind of study materials are included in the course?
We create our own study materials. This contains of relevant theory and practice questions, customized for your exam. You will receive this material upon the start of the first lesson.
Could I also receive personal/individual tutoring?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We will do everything within our power to prepare you as personal for the exam as possible during the regular lessons.
Is it a problem if I miss a lesson?
Attempt to catch up on the missed materials before the start of the next lesson as well as possible. Often courses build on previously learned theory, so make sure you fall behind as little as possible.
Can I be put on a reserve list if all groups are full?
No, this is unfortunately not possible. As we attempt to provide perfect tutoring, we have a limited number of groups.
Can I subscribe for a course that has already started
Yes, send an e-mail to to enquire whether there is still a spot available within this course. You will still have to pay the full amount, regardless of when you partake in the course.
For how long before the start of the course can I cancel my registration?
This is unfortunately not possible. You may, however, pass on your registration to another person. For additional details, please read our Terms and Conditions.
Where can I file a complaint?
You may do so by sending an e-mail to We will try our best to respond to your complaint as soon as possible.